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Love Stories of Hawaii


Dedicated to My beautiful wife, Cyndy

Submitted by Steve

Mau loa....
Forever. That is how long I will love you. I can still smell the air of Makena and taste the ocean on your lips whenevere we kiss. You are my ohana.
Wherever we are, whatever the world has thrown at us, I can take you in my arms, shut my eyes, and we are in Hawaii, in Maui, on the beach, in the ocean, in love. Honi honi...kiss the lips. Gladly. Our wedding day was the most beautiful day of my life, and it was because of you.
A O Ko Aloha Ka`u E Hi`ipoi Mau...
With you joy will ever be mine. You are my everything, and I can't wait to be back in Maui. Together. My angel.
Mau loa....
Forever. That is how long I will love you.

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