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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Hawaiian Confessions
Dedicated to My Best Friend

Submitted by Poki

My story began when I first met the sweetest, most outgoing, greatest guy I'd ever meet. I just didn't know it then. It was my freshman year of high school, and Sean was in my homeroom class. He hung with the guys that all my friends were after. You know how high school always has little cliques of friends. We became very close friends over the next four years. My senior year I started dating one of his best friends. We were together for four years. During this time they had a couple of different apartmaents together so he was always around and we always had the greatest times when we were together. My boyfriend started working out of town, and would only come home on the weekends. At this time Sean had moved in with me and my oldest sister. He rented a room from us because his parents lived way out in the country and we lived alot closer to his work. We would go out partying during the week and really became close. I knew he was the closest thing to perfect I had ever seen in a man. I fixed him up with a few of my friends. I felt so strongly for him but I thought he only thought of me as more like a sister. Also I was still dating his best friend although he was cheating on me every chance he got. Finally after I graduated Cosmetology school I moved out of state to be near my mom who was going through a rough time at that time. My boyfriend was working forty-five minutes from where I was living but he wouldn't come there on the weekends, so by the time he decided to come there for the weekend, I had just met someone. He was exactly what I wanted, totally oppisite of my ex. I was with him for three years. While I was living with Mark, Sean had accepted a construction job in Hawaii. He would write me all the time but I'd have Sean send all his letters to my mom's post office box. Mark was extremly jealous of Sean. He couldn't understand how we could be "just friends". Finally one day I received a letter from Sean. There was two lines where he had wrote something but marked it out (I think maybe knowing I could figure out what it said if I really wanted to know). He had confessed how he really felt about me. Mark and I finally split up and Sean was the first one from my home town to call and see how I was doing. We talked alot on the phone and the first chance I had I went home to see all my old friends. That first night home Sean and I finally hooked up after many many years of anticipation. He was everything I always knew he'd be. That was ten years and three beautiful kids ago, and still going strong.

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