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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The Magic Of The Moment
Dedicated to My Husband

Submitted by Joan

I believe that all things happen for a reason. Our trip to the Hawaiian Islands was to have taken place two years earlier, but due to unforeseen circumstances it was delayed. We could not know how things would fall into place to make our eventual trip a most memorable one for my husband, Milt, and me.

In March 2004 our dream finally became a reality, and with my sister and brother-in-law we headed to the Islands to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary. Their being ten years younger helped to keep us active, and on this trip the fresh, island air also seemed to have had great energizing qualities.

Our days on the Island of Maui were spent basking in its glory and on fun-filled trips. Gliding down the slopes of Haleakala on the thirty-eight mile bicycle trip with the wind,and some rain, in our faces was exhilarating. Testing our stamina on the three-hour ocean kayaking trip proved that we could still keep up with the best of them, and kicking back and viewing the whales from the Pacific Whaler was something we'd always dreamed of doing. Our trip to Hana was a must for our pilot husbands who were determined to visit the grave site of Charles Lindbergh.

The second week of our trip was spent on the big Island of Hawaii. Although the Island was quite different than Maui, we found much to do, and were awestruck by the scenery. It was here that we experienced our personal highlight of the trip.

We attended a lu'au at the Kona Beach Hotel. A Hawaiian couple had just been married and was having their reception at the Lu'au. During the show the master of ceremonies asked if anyone in the audience had been married for fifty years. We were surprised to be the only couple to respond, and were invited onto the stage where we were asked to offer advice to the newlyweds, and to then accompany them on the stage dancing to The Hawaiian Wedding Song.

Had we hired the world's most renowned screen writer, a more captivating, romantic setting could not have been depicted. With the sound of the waves lapping on the shore in the background, the melody of the enchanting music enveloped us. There was just a hint of a breeze, and the twinkling stars and full moon had been hung faultlessly in the sky. We floated across the stage, oblivious to those who were sitting at their tables, and to the newlyweds dancing beside us. It seemed as though the magic of the moment was ours alone. The evening was a most romantic, and unexpected celebration of our special anniversary, one that made us feel as though it were we who had just said our "I do's".

This was the final night of our stay, and one that left us with a renewed spark to begin our journey into the next fifty years of wedded bliss.

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