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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Some Day
Dedicated to Debby

Submitted by Anonymous

We were married in June of 1975. We hoped that at "some time" in the future, possibly by our fifth anniversary, we would be able to experience the excitement and beauty of Hawaii. But by that time our second child had been born, and our dream became more distant. Our plan then became to visit the islands some time between our tenth and fifteenth anniversaries. However, clothing, food, shelter, band instruments, athletic equipment, dance and gymnastics lessons, allowances, then cars and insurance for two young drivers, then a wedding, and miscellaneous expenses got in the way. So, we adjusted our priorities and planned to get to Hawaii for our 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, by that time my health had taken a turn for the worse and I could no longer earn an income. While my wife continued to work, her income and my disability income would not afford us the luxury of unnecessary travel. So, it seemed that our dream had been dashed against the rocks of Oahu's north shore by one of the island's infamous fifty foot waves. We continued to watch the travel channel and look at the pamphlets that we had collected, while dreaming of what we were missing by not being able to actually see, feel, taste or smell the islands.

As our twenty-ninth anniversary came and went, and we didn't seem to be getting any younger or healthier, it was time to take stock of our situation and either let our dream slip off into eternity unfulfilled, or take some measure to allow it to happen. So while it meant asking for an increase in the limit on our credit card and having to pay for our trip gradually into the future, we went to Hawaii last December.

To say that we had the time of our lives would be a great understatement. We now have some incredible and never to be forgotten memories locked away where we can revisit them time and time again. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to help other people to understand the majesty, charm and beauty of "our Hawaii". It was not the Hawaii of the brochures and pamphlets, since our experience became truly personal and would be a different experience for anyone else. Words, and even pictures, simply cannot do justice to the essence of what became a love that we shared for "our Hawaii."

Not only has our dream been realized, but each time I remind my wife that she has actually been to Hawaii, and that wonderful smile of fond memories and a longing for the islands appears on her face, I know that it was well worth the cost. I also know that no one who has yet to experience the Hawaiian Islands, can even begin to understand the depth to which they can burrow into one's being and infect the remainder of one's life. Our love for each other was rekindled along with our love for Hawaii.

Some day had finally come.

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