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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My Fathers Love
Dedicated to My father

Submitted by Anonymous

My father was a native of Oahu Hawaii. His father, my grandfather came over many years ago to work in the sugar cane plantations from Portugal. My father always told me many heart of the people ,dreams and beauty are spread all over this island and that beauty is never understood until you can see it like Hawaii. My father always told me many stories of Hawaii and they never bored me to see is face light up with such feeling. my favorite story is about, When I was born .my father told me when I was born I was part of the beauty of hawaii and not only was he happy and blessed but Hawaii was happy too. He told me all the gods smiled on me and shared tears of joy as he had that day. As he took me in his arms to put me in the car to take me home, it begain to sprinkle, all the way home it sprinkled with love and happyness my father said the beauty of that day had never left his mind and heart as he reminiscence" I looked in the sky as it sprinkled and never saw such a clear bright blue sky and a rainbow that took my breath away welcoming home my new baby girl".(Me!)I have since growned and moved away. My father has passed, and it has been 13 years to have not seen Hawaii. Not only do I miss Hawaii, I miss listening to my fathers love stories about Hawaii.

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