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Love Stories of Hawaii


Making It "official"
Dedicated to Marc Wirtz

Submitted by Rebecca

My darling Marc -

I have wanted to marry you from the moment I met you. It seemed we were soul mates from the beginning and throughout our 10 years together, we have had rough times and good times, but never did I believe that we would be apart. I also did not believe that we would complete the traditional tie of matrimony as our common law marriage has always been what we have been bound with. It didn't seem we needed the piece of paper to complete our life or love. When you asked me to marry you, for the millionth time in 10 years, and stated you wanted to get married in Hawaii, I knew this would be the perfect thing for us, our life and our love. You see, I realize we don't need the piece of paper, but the wonderful act of celebrating our love together in a wonderful, cosmic place like Hawaii is the best 10th Anniversary gift I could ask for. So thank you for a wonderful 10 years and for thinking of something so beautiful to share together for the next several years to come. I'm looking forward to Hawaii later this year and making it "official". I love you forever.

Your loving bride,

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