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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

The King and Queen
Dedicated to Lyn and Dan Burtis

Submitted by Kimberly

My mother, Lyn Burtis, has been ill all her life. For her 40th birthday, she recieved a long waited for heart transplant. This gift of life allowed her time to see myself and my sister marry and have children. Grandma Lyn is loved so much by her grandkids! 5 years after her transplant, she married Dan Burtis, on you guessed it, the heart day--Valentine's Day. This year makes a very special 10 year anniversary on Feb 14th. Mom's one wish would be to bring Dan to Hawaii--he has never been there and that is her burning desire. She has been very sick over the last two years--fighting a body that is trying to reject her heart after having it so many years. My wish would be for her to bring Dan to Hawaii and see the ocean one last time. She has had an extrordinary life and she is a remarkable woman. Please bring them to Hawaii. Aloha--Kimberly Beverly

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