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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Maui in a Medicine Bottle
Dedicated to My Marla, my wife of 24 years...

Submitted by Randy

On my shelf where I keep my books, sits a smallish amber container, closed up tight with the pharmacy white lid it came with. Closer inspection betrays not blood pressure medicine it once housed, rather a half way helping of ...dirt! Ahhh, but not your ordinary earthworm variety-nope!! This is MAUI SAND!! Revered,cherished, and scooped lovingly by my own hand from the sun kissed beaches of Kihea, when our far flung departing family met one last time before my son, a Marine went to war in Iraq and my eldest daughter would finish out high school and depart for college, leaving my wife, my other daughter and me to carry on. It was our last hurrah and Hawaii didn't disappoint. A rented convertable, a dog eared guidebook, a full tank of gas and the tropical breezes caressing our hair with a week to explore rewarded us with a hundred song birds in Banyan trees, a former Beatles bungelow, face to face encounters with curious sea turtles and firey painted fish on a Nature Conservancy scuba in a sunken volcano,delicious island fare, and hidden on the far side of this Hawaiin gem, the Seven Sacred Pools of Hana. Along the way my family laughed, loved, and enjoyed each others company. It was the best of times-no television to distract us, no work schedules to adhere to or deadlines to make. I looked and found true happiness and contentment in my wifes eyes. This adventure was more than a trip, it was a CELEBRATION! All the sacrificing, the diapers, braces, the endless miles of driving them to ball games, and no fearsome war on these magical sandy beaches. We had made it through together, our family intact, and in that treasur ed momment I loved my wife more than ever. As the day dawned on our last day in Paradise, I filled the container as a mommento, a keepsake of the best time of my life as a man. I swore I would come back again and in the cold rainy Oregon winters hence, I pop the lid, and rub the grainy sand between my fingers and take a 30 second trip back to Hawaii befoe replacing it again. For a few precious seconds the bills can wait, the refrigerator doesn't break down, and my son isn't on the streets of Bagdad, but is instead with his family again.. On May 22nd my wife and I will be married 25 years-I wish to tell her how much I love her from the beach of the medicine bottle where I will release the sand and kiss my bride and hold her close to my heart for ever more...

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