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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Make Believe
Dedicated to My little sister and her roommate

Submitted by Anonymous

Ah yes, have you ever made believe? Not just as a child, but even now as an adult?

If you've been reading any of the latest success, self-help or affirmation books on the market now, you know that imaging and visualizing is one way to get what you want.

Ok, so let's talk about my little sister and her roommate. For as long as I can remember they have wanted to go to Hawaii to live!

They have investigated and researched everything they could about Hawaii, from people who have lived there, to books about Hawaii, to anything and everything they could find on the Internet. They also have Hawaiian pictures and other items to keep their dream alive all through their house.

Although they were both born and raised here in the Missouri Ozarks, they know so much about Hawaii even the natives would be impressed.

They have researched everything from job possibilities, to living arrangements, to how they could bring their little dog with them. But hey, it gets better than that. Not one to let anything stop them from achieving their dream, they had been saving money for the big move.

In addition to that, just to get the ball rolling, they have their bags packed and ready to go. You see as much as they desire to live in Hawaii, they have never been there! Not even to visit, but yet they already know they want to live there.

Oops, just one small glitch has slowed this dream down. A couple of years ago my sister's roommate became very ill with cancer, although the bags are packed for that first visit, she no longer can save every penny, but instead unselfishly uses all her resources and spends all her time taking care of her roommate.

Wouldn't you think all of her unselfish acts, combined with their visualizations, would manifest their dream of Hawaii? Or at least a visit?

As I stand here now with tears running down my face, watching my little sister and her roommate board the plane for Hawaii (my visualization), I wonder who is the happiest, them or me. Then I realize it doesn't matter who is the happiest…what matters is…"Dreams Do Come True!"

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