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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Memory that will last forever
Dedicated to My Family

Submitted by Charles

My wife and I had been to Hawaii when my grown children were small but my children had never experienced Hawaii. As the end of my son's highschool year ended he informed us that he was going to join the Marines. The family decided that this would probaly be the last family vacation so we decided to go to Hawaii. My son found out the day we left that his girlfriend also in the Marines was going to ship out the day after we left. This brought a strain on our trip and to make things all the harder my Adult daughter that lives with us is confined to a wheelchair and to get around we had to load and unload the electric wheelchair in and out of the truck of the rented car. I was restricted to what I could do because I had an infection in my artifical hip and had to wear an IV pump to admininster my antibiotics.Most people would have been depressed but it was a trip that will always be remembered because of the peaceful Hawaian beaches and great people. One of the days we decided to visit the beach and was wondering what to do because a wheelchair will not go on the sand. As we asked around we found out one of the beaches had wheelchairs with large rubber wheels on them that made it possible for my daughter to go down and get in the water. It was great to be able to see the excitement it brought to her. My son went for a swim and found a giant turtle to chance a ride on and even though I could only get into the water waist deep I was able to experience beautiful fish swimming at my feet. As the son set on the horizon it allowed me to reflect on how lucky I was to enjoy the setting and my family even when most people would have thought that life for us was a big hassle. The small things and troubles in life is what makes you grow closer. Of course the help of the beatiful setting in Hawaii helps take your mind off the troubles of the world.

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