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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Best Friend in Waiting
Dedicated to My daughter

Submitted by Anonymous

My darling daughter,

Nearly thirteen years ago I met you for the first time. After months and months of waiting and planning and wondering what you would be like, they finally placed you in my arms. A little bundle of warmth, sweetness and such incredible beauty that my breath caught in my soul.

I was amazed at how quickly and intensely I was filled with a mother's love for you. And I knew instantly that I would spend my next years fiercely protecting this delicate creature in my arms.

I was, and am, so happy to be your Mother. To help you grow, to guide your steps, to watch you dance. I wanted to be your friend but I needed to be your mother. All little girls need a Mommy.

But I have been waiting to be your friend - not the Mother setting your bedtime, making you eat your veggies, nagging about your homework -- but the time when we would walk as equals.

These next years, as you enter your teens, are going to be our roughest path (if your road is anything like mine was). And so as we start this journey - this time of wing testing and role adjustments - I want to give you one last memory of being just my daughter.

I want to share with you, the one place on this earth that has made me feel free and young and at home all at the same time: Hawaii. I want to walk the beaches, hike the trails, enjoy the ocean, explore the big volcano -- together, side by side making memories we will carry in our hearts always.

-- So that when you are screaming at me, or fighting against a curfew and stomp off to your room -- deep in your heart you will remember the black sand, the warm waters and the adventures we shared and you will know that I love you.

Your Best Friend in Waiting,

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