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Love Stories of Hawaii


What Happened?
Dedicated to Like Souls

Submitted by Kathleen

Hawaii, what does this word conjure up in the mind and heart? Romance, dancing to moonlight on the beach, glorious sunsets with your love by your side, morning walks as the sun is rising and you two are renewing your bond, and candlelight dinners, with the hint of lovemaking to follow.

This is what was anticipated when friends flew to Hawaii for a family wedding. However, what did actually happen was quite the opposite. First the couple with high hopes of renewed ardor came down with terrible colds. One of their side trips was cancelled, they started to disagree and it took off from there. Instead of seeing things through the eyes of love they started seeing each other through the eyes of reality which somehow they had not done for their entire seven year relationship. When they looked around and saw the depth of feelings that others were displaying they withdrew inside themselves and could not seem to communicate to each other. which

Had they ever communicated on an intimate level or had it always been surface based? As the wedding approached the tension between them kept mounting but it was kept under wraps to spare the wedding party. Of course in Hawaii the main theme love and coupling was making them feel like outsiders looking in. Instead of joining in with all the merriment of love and happiness they felt alienated. There was nothing to do but try to salvage what they could out of this trip and their relationship.

The day of the wedding arrived a beautiful wedding for the young couple embarking on a life journey together. Meanwhile our unhappy couple was embarking on a different sort of journey, down separate paths. The next day he flew home a week early to pack his things which he did and moved out of the home. Both friends do not know to this day what happened how could a much anticipated vacation turn out like this? Was it too intense, too much pressure, and too much time in the same space? Or was it the case that perhaps this relationship had died prior to" Hawaii?" Whatever the cause it could not have happened in a more beautiful place so say all of them!
Kathleen Dolan-Bowes

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