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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Soul Mate
Dedicated to Tim

Submitted by Kimberly

The water is a translucent teal blue, the sky is clear, my skin is warmed by the mid day sun. It was so beautiful, especially today. The sand under my feet felt wonderful as if I were walking on satin.

I become excited as I reach my destination on the beach. I am to have a surprise waiting for me there, but what I have no idea. I received a note that read, "I want to grant you one wish, meet me at our first encounter, and I will grant it for you. Singed Tim." It took me a few minutes to remember where we had first meet.

We were at a cookout with friends. I was over sitting on a large flat rock watching the waves come in, it was in the evening, the colors all blended together.

Tim was walking by and asked what I was doing all by my self, I just told him watching the waves, and looking into the sky. He came up and sat beside me, he told me he loved the stars out here, no city lights to interfere. He pointed out some of the constellations to me. He went on about different things; we talked for a long time, longer than we noticed. We looked around almost everyone was gone. He asked if I wanted to do something this weekend. I gave him my phone number to decide what to do. Our first date was as magical; he treated me like I was the only person around. We walked, ate dinner and walked and talked some more. We ended up at my home around 1:00 am. I asked him in for a drink, we sat and talked a little more about nothing really, the TV was on, something came on, we watched, the next thing I know is waking up curled up in his arms.

He took me out for coffee; we ended up being together the whole weekend, just enjoying each others company. This was when I knew I meet my soul mate. I just remembered it is a year to the day we meet, so I wonder about he surprise, could it be.

Just as I look up I see Tim standing there on our rock, he does not look any different, and he is just holding an envelope.

As I approach he says what is your wish, I told him he already, he should already know. He hands my the envelop, I open it there are vouchers open to where ever I want to go for 7 days. I don't understand, until he says, "Where would you like to go on your honey moon?" I shake with excitement, he hands me a small box, he helps me open it, inside is one of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen. He places it on my finger, I tell him It would be Hawaii, and be married there to.

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