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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Valentine Wedding
Dedicated to James

Submitted by Anonymous

We were young and in love, 18 and 21 to be exact. Picking a date for our wedding would prove to be more difficult than I expected. But wait looking at the calendar (1981) Valentine's Day is on a Saturday. Saturday seemed to be the day most people got married and it just seemed perfect. Valentine's Day makes you think romance, pink, flowers, hearts all of the things one associates with love and marriage. Valentine's Day it was. After informing our families that we were getting married and on Valentine's Day of all days, it was time to start the planning. Oh my god maybe a honeymoon to Hawaii now that would be the icing on the cake. At 18 I think I had maybe attended one maybe two weddings in my whole live so I had no idea were to begin. First the church, four weddings already booked for Saturday Valentine's day go figure. But, they were able to fit us in. Hall - done. Food, flowers, photographer these are going to take a while. My parents did not give me a budget just that there would be little money but in love and looking forward to such a glorieas day did not deter me.

What did deter me around November of 1980 the shock? Pregnant, how could I be pregnant? I was taking BCP and are they not supposed to stop this from happening. By Christmas already in my 4th month I was showing. I kept hearing from my parents and future in-laws was that I would be way to large to walk down the isle in February. I could not admit it. Every girl dreams of a beautiful wedding and on Valentines Day what could be more perfect.

So on December 23, 1980, because that was the day the judge had open, we got married in court at the Juvenile hall in town. Sad but true. Nothing special my two future brother-in-laws present as witnesses. Judge tried to marry me to my brother-in-law until he finally stepped way back in the court room to make it clear who I was marrying. My husband's boss would not give him the whole day off work so at noon back to work he went. The most uneventful day!!!! Sad but true. Well at least maybe our parents would give us a party once they found out what we had done. NOT! Nothing notta!!! Just another day. They were the ones that were embarrassed by my every increasing belly not me.

Fast forward 25 years. Against all odds we are still married/in love I might add. Two grown children both whom are growing into very responsible adults and contributing members of society. How proud I am of the both of them. 2005 will be our 25 wedding anniversary and wouldn't it be the icing on the cake to go to Hawaii for our anniversary. One can only hope!!!!

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