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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Best love
Dedicated to Anna who always understands

Submitted by Anonymous

Anna and I were married in 1980. She has been a geat wife all of these years. Since I am a minister, she has had her share of difficult times dealing with people. We have never had a great deal of money, but we always got by. When she was approaching 40, I decided to surprise her. For a little over a year, I hid money with the intent of taking her to Hawaii. That is the one place that she has always talked about. I starting formally planning the trip about 6 months before her birthday. I decided that when September 1st came, I would see how much I had and what we could afford. That September 1st, our best friends called. Russell was diagnosed with cancer and was given little chance to live. After the Mao clinic had done all that they could, a doctor directed him to try experimental treatment out of the country. They asked us if we could go with them, because they had never been anywhere very far. Anna agreed we should if we could. I pulled the money out, and we went. We traveled to Mexico with them and stayed with them for a week of treatments. Later that fall, I told Anna of my plans. She cried but was not disappointed. We shared our love with our friends. Russel died about three years later, but our time with them was priceless. This September 3rd is our 25th anniversary. Both kids are now in college, we have house and car payments along with college expences, but I am doing my best to save again, to finaly take her to Hawaii. I know if somethimg happens again, she would understand. But, I do not want her to have to understand. I want her to enjoy the wonderful life that she has given me.

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