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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Happy Anniversary
Dedicated to Janet Roberts - my wife

Submitted by Jeffrey

My wife and I decided to go to Hawaii for our 12th wedding anniversary. We flew from New York to Los Angeles and then from Los Angeles to Honolulu.

On the plane were lots of much older couples who were going to Hawaii for the first time in their lives. My wife and I both felt fortunate to be going to Hawaii for the first time while still in out mid thirties.

When we landed at the airport in Honolulu, we were both very tired. As we were walking through the airport, we could smell the perfume from the many flowers in the garden in the center of the airport.

Today when we smell flowers from a garden, we are both reminded of that day when we first landed in Hawaii on our first of many trips to the greatest vaction spot in the world.

Jeff Roberts

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