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Love Stories of Hawaii

Secret Love

Only In My Heart
Dedicated to If only you knew

Submitted by Ronni

I was young when Hawaii became a state and I remember that we said "Havaii". You were the "older man" in my fantasy. I saw you on the beach, always surrounded by beautiful girls. Your eyes were dark as the bark of the coconut. You laughed full and long and your smiles sparkled. Your body was strong, lean, and glistened with coconut oil. You looked like a god out of legend on your surfboard. Sometimes you would say to me, " Hey little cousin..go get me a drink" or "Little cousin, turn the record over". Once you kissed me on a dare and a whim. I ran away blushing and you laughed. I worshiped you. One day I did not see you on the beach. I asked where you had gone. A girl I didn't know started crying. One of your friends came over, "He fell in love with Pele...He has gone to join Pele." I did not know what that meant. But you never came back and no one talks about you. But me, I go to the beach and I throw flowers to you there. I ask Pele to take care of you. Aloha, aloha, aloha.

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