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Love Stories of Hawaii


We Are One
Dedicated to David Reed

Submitted by Daphne

From The Day I met you I knew you were the one,5 years have come and gone and now I know is the time, the time of all times, the time for us to show the world how we are one. We Love like no others. We have a special bond, these have been the best 5 years of my life and am positive there will be many more to come. Though we have our ups and downs like any couples would, we are not as petty as the others that's because we are one. We have a beautiful baby boy who has your nose, my eye's, your hair my ears and the light in both of our eye's we have become one.

Our dreams have always been to Honeymoon in Hawaii and while we were there to visit your uncle that you have not seen since you were a kid. So I am here telling the world what a wonderful relationship we have, to have for the chance to win the Honeymoon of our dreams to Hawaii as we celebrate the two of us becoming one. I Love your smile, Your Laugh I Love the way we agree on just about everything. And I can't wait to celebrate how we are one!

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