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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Little angel above
Dedicated to My baby boy

Submitted by Kelly

Well my story starts with me being a single mom at 7 months pregant and i had already booked my trip to hawaii a few months before finding out that i was pregant,during the 7 months of my pregancy the doctors told me that i had a 50\50 change of my baby making it because i was under quite a bit of stress and i was very sick,so i wasn't eating alot because i was enimic .I was really looking foward to my trip and i was very hopeful that this trip would help me and my baby.The day i arrived in hawaii i felt an instant joy and peace.The people were amazing to me and i felt like i belonged there forever,i began eating well everyday and i wasn't sick.The lady at the resturant would always give me extra eggs and she would tell me EAT-EAT-for baby and mommy,she was a sweetheart.The day i had to leave i began to cry,i wanted to bury myself in the sand and never leave,but i had to.when i got home to montreal i started getting pains at the bottom of my stomach and i started bleeding i was rushed to the hospital and i lost my baby boy,i was crushed,and i didn't know how to except it.Time went on and so did the heartache.I met a wonderful man 2 years later and it was love at first sight,we got engaged and he asked me where i would like to get married and i said hawaii,he thought because of hawaii's beautiful,but i had another reason not because hawaii is beautiful but because thats where i felt my baby and i where getting better,i remember being on waikkii beach feeling my baby kick inside of me..i guess i feel like i would feel close to my boy.I want to thank everyone in hawaii for being so kind to me and my unborn son,i wish everyone in the world were hawaiins because this would be a better world to live you all mahalo kelly o'brien

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