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Love Stories of Hawaii


A Wedding Gift from Beyond
Dedicated to My dad, 1926-1976, with me always

Submitted by Judy

In September of 1976 my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. My mother, who had MS felt it necessary for my fiancÚ and I to marry and take care of my two younger brothers. Three weeks later we married.

But the path to our marriage had been a stressful one. Relatives had their idea of how our wedding should be. Some did not want us to have a "normal" wedding including the ceremony or reception, others felt we were disrespectful to be marrying so soon after my fathers passing. Still others felt we should marry quietly and forgo any celebration till a year later.

It was much too soon to begin thinking of a honeymoon we knew, to honeymoon in Hawaii as we had always talked about, was something we could not do so soon after my fathers death. Pleasing everyone was difficult. I was ready to forgo marriage altogether. Confused, I went to bed one evening and asked for a sign that would guide me.

In a dream so vivid it seemed real, my dad visited me. He knew we couldn't please everyone, but he said, he wanted us to please ourselves first. Everything else would fall into place as it should then. He said if no one believed he had visited me I should show them a knife, he placed a large Swiss Army knife with a bright emerald green cover on the table in front of me. He promised once I showed others this knife, they would change their minds, all would go smoothly then. Before leaving he hugged me and told me he loved me. If he'd lived he said, he would have had the largest party possible and he wanted us to do just that. Then he was gone. I awoke that morning and ran out to the kitchen table fully expecting to see the knife, but it wasn't there.

Instead, I had been left with a vivid image of the dream and it was that image I repeated to three different relatives, after each heard the story they immediately told me I should have my wedding the way I wanted.

Three weeks after our marriage, I asked my grandmother, one of the strongest opponents to our marriage celebration, what had changed her mind. She told me about the Swiss Army knife my father had been given by my grandfather before he went into the Army. She explained I could never have known that knife existed as it had been lost many years earlier, hundreds of miles away.

The night of our wedding reception three people saw a man standing at the doorway of the hall watching everyone and smiling widely. Those three people were the same three who had been so against our big wedding. They swore the man in the doorway was my father.

My father's wedding gift that night was as special as he was, he's always near and someday he'll see the beauty of Hawaii too.

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