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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My New Heart Transplant
Dedicated to A Young Man Named Bob,Gave Me Life

Submitted by Bob

This is a True Story! I had 6 Heart Attacks different times in a 7 year period & also a 5By Pass later which did not really help. The Doctors said I had about 3 weeks to live because of so many things that made my heart very weak. In October of 2000 I had to enter A Boston Hospital to apply to be on the Heart Transplant Donor List. Hoping that I can receive a Heart from them before it was too late for me. I went for many test within a 2 week period. I then passed for receiving a Heart if it was available. I was then put on the waiting list. They told me there was not much hope because there was about a 3 year wait. As you know many patients are waiting before me. I was resting the next day from all their unreal test. Later that evening a Nurse came into my room yelling get ready your Heart has come in already your going upstairs at 11:00pm. I was shocked & was in dis-belief! But it was true A Family gave up their son's Heart & organs for us to live.

His name was Bob Also, I was AB+ Blood was He..& only AB+ Blood Type Receivers can except AB+ Donors organs. So out of the whole U.S. I was the only one on the list for that 1 in a million miracle. There are only about 250,000 of AB+ Blood Types in the world...Also the other patients with different Blood Types cannot except this very scarce AB+ Heart only AB+ Blood Type can.

My prayers are with Bob & his wonderful Family. I was 57 before the Wonderful Transplant came into my life. I am now 61 & doing very well. I hope others that read this letter will remember that Wonderful Family what they did & hope that others think about doing the same if it ever happend to them or a loved one.

I am now stronger & getting around very good...I have alway's wanted to go to Maui,Hawaii that is my dream. I hope I am not wanting too much as My new extended life is a Dream come true for anybody. God Bless you All

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