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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Surprise Blessing
Dedicated to Dean and the boys

Submitted by Anonymous

We were high school sweethearts and even though some said it wouldn't work, we married after two years of college (in 1980) and both finished college and got our degrees after another two years. We had decided to start a family young so we could one day go on our fantasy trip to paradise Hawaii. Our three boys were born in '85, '86, and '89 after which my husband agreed to a vasectomy. Nine years after his operation, in 1998, our fourth boy was born. As stunned as I was at being pregnant, my wonderfully loving husband, Dean, never once doubted that this was his child. We were told the odds of failure for this surgery were 2% but after 9 years I certainly wasn't thinking about those small odds. Starting over was not in our plans but we were blessed with such a wonderful child (who looks just like his dad) who has really been a joy to our whole family. I was in my late 30's when he was born and it was nothing like my mid 20's as with the other boys.

Our plan now is to have our 20 year old babysit the 6 year old so we can take our dream trip to Hawaii to celebrate our 25th anniversary. We've never taken a big trip with just the two of us and I'm looking very forward to doing this with the guy who has meant the world to me! I am thankful to Dean for being a wonderful dad to our four great boys and for never ceasing to amaze me with his love and caring attitude through the many experiences that we've faced. Dean is as much a surprise blessing to me as our last child was.

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