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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Blue Hawaii
Dedicated to David, JD, Joey, Cody, and Paden

Submitted by Laura

It was the second marriage for both of us and our first instinct was to elope to Hawaii. But we were combining two families so we felt it was better if we included them in the wedding. Besides flying all six of us to the wedding in Hawaii would require selling the house. So there we were, all six of us, standing at the alter. My oldest son posing as my maid of honor had to carry my bouquet down the isle when I forgot it. And I am still paying for that one.

It was a beautiful picture; there I stood in a gold princess dress, surrounded by the men in my life. Little did I know…..

That was three years ago, and I am still surrounded by the men in my life. We did such a wonderful job in combining the two families that it seems we are always combined. Every since the wedding my husband and I have talked about taking a trip to the Islands, but guilt wins and we schedule a trip with the crew. Any time we try plan and alone time trip, they find out and want to know where are we going? So as good parents we plan our family vacations…together… not alone.

Although, those are wonderful trips, my sanctuary is "Blue Hawaii'. You know that 1964 film starring Elvis. I can go in my bedroom and not be bothered. "That show is old mom, so you must be old". (Now you know why I am not bothered). My husband and the boys are viewing ESPN, while I am watching and dreaming of a romantic getaway to Hawaii. Every time I see the wedding scene on Kauai, I regret not eloping. But then I would hear the cheers coming from the room next door and realize that our way was best.

My "Blue Hawaii" has nothing to do with the sandy beaches, or the color of the ocean. Only how blue I am because it's beauty and romance will never befall me, at least until I can get them out of high school, or out of the house, or married.

What is a wahini to do?

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