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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Returning My Son
Dedicated to Michael Robert Scott

Submitted by Joleen

My son Michael and his friends took at bicycle trip to Hawaii the year they graduated from high school. They ended up staying for several month, it was a bit rough at first finding a job and a place to live, but they manage to land job's and after saving enough to get a place to live, it began to smooth out for them all.
My son would return home with lovely stories about the loving and caring people of Hawaii and how beautiful it was to wake up there.
He went back and lived in Hawaii for few years and came home to introduce us the lovely woman he met there and was going to marry.
He told me of how Hawaii and its people helped him to grow and become a man and most of all Hawaii gave him a gracious peace everyday.
My son never married that woman and has never returned to Hawaii because he passed away when he was only 28....
I would like to win this trip so I can bring his daughter and his sisters to the place he loved the best and mix his ash with some Hawaiian ash.

Thank You, Joleen Scott-Matusky

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