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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Happy Anniversary
Dedicated to My Husband : Buck

Submitted by Anonymous

It's going to be our 30th Wedding Anniversay on June 14, 2005. When we were first married,Buck, my husband told me that on our 25th anniversary we would go to Hawaii and celebrate. Well as the years started to melt away, our plans changed.In 1993 both of our dad's died, 3 monthes apart. All my life, I would hear my mom wanting to someday go to beautiful Hawaii. My dad was scared to fly and he would get seasick, so there was no getting there. In 1996 we decided to give up our dream of going to Hawaii on our 25th and give our mom's a trip they'd never forget. Buck's mother wouldn't go, [scared to fly] We decided to go, so we would be there on my mom's 77th birthday. Buck, mom, Toni,[our 10 year old daughter]and me were off on Oct.30th, 1996 to Honolulu Hawaii. It was beautiful!!! We went to Pearl Harbor where we seen part of our history revealed.[Not a dry eye was there]Sealife park, where my mother beamed, and my daughter swam with the dolphins, a day to remember. Halloween was very suprising also, biggest holiday in Waikiki,the local people said 20,000 people flew in for the holiday. Then Nov.2 my mom's 77th birthday!! We went on a submaraine ride so she got see the beautiful sea life under the ocean, took pictures with the parrots on the beach,a dream come true for her. [We used the birthday parrot pictures to show her wonderful birthday at her funeral last year. She died on Feb.14, 2004.]We ended the day with a dinner on the beach. We seen the Cultrial Center to learn of the culture of Hawaii. It was beautiful. We snorkeled and seen the wonders of the sea. We ate fresh pinapple everyday and brought cases home with us for everyone to taste.Our daughter Toni got married last year to a wonderful man,Alan. [Our new son]So we are alone once again. As I said, this year will be our 30th Anniversary, so I would like to give my Husband a gift of going to Hawaii for a special Anniversary. He was so kind to give up his dream,of taking me for our 25th anniversary, to make my Mother's dream come true. So if I can win a trip to make his dream come true[a few years late], we can truly enjoy our time knowing that we took the time to love others.[We DROVE his Mother to the coast to enjoy the beach,in the next coupler years, we all had a wonderful time. And hopefully there will be many more vacations with his mom, since she's still with us!!] I hope you can consider my story a true story of LOVE and reward Buck [the love of my life] with a vacation of a life time. Thank You Karla

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