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Love Stories of Hawaii


My Special Notebook
Dedicated to My fiance, Mike

Submitted by Anonymous

When I was a little girl, a relative who came to visit brought me a lei from Hawaii. I thought it was the most beautiful thing in the whole, wide world and I wore the lei around my neck every day.

From then on, I dreamed about Hawaii. The tropical breeze, beautiful sunshine, fragrant flowers. I collected pictures of Hawaii from magazines, travel brochures and pasted them into a special notebook. I wished in my heart that when I got married, I would have a beach ceremony in Hawaii- private and intimate. This was a secret wish that I kept close to my heart.

When I got engaged, the whole family was very excited. I have a big, noisy family. Everyone wanted to have a say in what kind of wedding I was to have. Mostly, everyone wanted a big wedding with lots of guests. My fiance would ask me if I was happy with having a big wedding and I would say yes because I didn't want to dampen anyone's excitement and I wanted my family and relatives to be happy.

It looked like my dream of having a beach ceremony in in Hawaii was never going to take place!!

One day, when I cam home from work, there was a lei around the doorknob of the front door. My curiosity was aroused. Opening the door, a trail of flower petals on the floor greeted me. I followed the trail of flower petals to the living room where to my fiance was waiting for me. He got up, gave me a big kiss and slipped two tickets to Hawaii in my hands. I looked at the tickets confused and in disbelief.

He said he accidentally came across my notebook filled with images of Hawaii and realized what kind of wedding I really wanted. So he had made arrangements for us to get married in Hawaii!! A private, intimate ceremony- just the two of us. He said the wedding in Hawaii would be a secret between the two of us and then the big wedding would be a reaffirmation of our love for each other.

Tears came to my eyes and I couldn't believe how wonderful this man was that I was about to marry. In May of this year, I will have the Hawaiian wedding that I've been dreaming about ever since I was a little girl!

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