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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

True Loves Final Honeymoon
Dedicated to Everett and Odie Mays

Submitted by Lisa

True love endures, sacrifices and gives without measure. On February 12, 1955 my parents were married in a simple ceremony in Henderson, KY. They were unable to have a honeymoon and yet their marriage has been blessed. They have three daughters: Debbie, Lisa and Kay. Their lives have been full but with all that entails it has also experienced so very much heartache. My parents are two of the most loving people on the face of God's great earth. Their dream honeymoon has always been Hawaii. This February 12 they will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary. It is upon this premise that I have taken the time to write this short letter. True love is the essence of living and giving with no concern to personal desire. As you review your contest it is my prayer that you would select my parents, Everett and Odie Mays, for the winner of this trip. Hawaii would truly be their true love final honeymoon.

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