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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

My Heart Fell In Love With Hawaii
Dedicated to My Mother, Husband, and Dolphins

Submitted by Anonymous

It has been a number of years now … but I will never forget my first visit to Hawaii.

The sweet smell of tropical flowers, breezes gently blowing, sun shining, and the amazingly beautiful and powerful ocean with crystal blue waters. Arriving at the hotel and just being there was an unbelievable experience. The Hawaiian music playing and the wonderful People of Hawaii who greeted me with so much Aloha and Mahalo! I remember thinking that Hawaii must be Heaven. Visiting sites around the Island I felt a gentle knowingness … at the volcano sensing underground energies and that my feet were grounded in the earth … the blessing of Pele …the beauty of all of the magic that lives amongst the rain forest … and most of all remembering being with the dolphins for the first time ever … sharing blue ocean waters, the sun shining, gentle breezes, the wind in my face as the boat took us out to the ocean. The dolphins were wonderful to watch as they played in the vastness of the ocean, gliding along side of our boat. Yes … when I am in Hawaii I am certain that life does not get any better than this.

When preparing to depart I secretly whispered to my friend "I have fallen in love with Hawaii, this Island is truly the home in my heart". My friend replied, "you are not leaving, just going away for a while, and you'll be back home soon". I have returned several times …each time feels fresh and beautiful, I fall in love all over again. Always new experiences and adventures to be received while visiting.

A couple of years ago I took my husband to Hawaii for his 50th birthday so he could see Hawaii, we swam with the dolphins and visit some of my favorite sites … I felt it only fair that I be honest with him and properly introduce him to my new "other" love. We both had many amazing experiences … while snorkeling we had the honor and privilege of swimming with two sea turtles … there was so much love of life … we knew the sea turtles were sharing with us too. My husband shares my love for Hawaii … and now we travel there together to be in the beauty and blessings of this scared place of Hawaii. We go there to recharge from our busy lives.

Last year I traveled to Hawaii after the loss of my Mother … I was missing her very much. Knowing that being in Hawaii would be a profound place to heal mind, body, spirit and soul. After Hawaii I felt better and was able to handle the changes in my life in a better way.

I know and believe that Hawaii is a place that offers great healing in many ways … Hawaii is an amazing gift to the world … a gift from God. Hawaii represents creation to me.

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