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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Hawaii January 2003
Dedicated to That Special Person

Submitted by Camille

Two years ago this January my husband and I were the lucky winners in the SuperBowl contest given by Labatt/Budweiser. The first prize was a trip (4days)to San Dieo CA for the SuperBowl and 7 days in Honolulu Hawaii for the ProBowl. You would not believe how excited we were. This was the first trip we ever had together. We never had a honeymoon 30 years ago, at the time my husband was in the Navy. So we got married on a Saturday and on Monday he left for deployment in Europe for three months.

So, this trip to San-diego and especially Hawaii was our real honeymoon. We had a great time and we found the island so beautiful. I cannot wait to get back there we we just cannot afford it. Si it would be a great thrill to go back and visit again. the first time I went so fast that we did not see a lot of things.

Si I hope to get lucky again.


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