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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

Not Just One Summer
Dedicated to Summertime

Submitted by Catalina

it's hot and i'm sweaty but loving every minute where clothing is optional in hawaii. on the mainland were layered in clothing and here in hawaii it such a free feeling of letting your hair down and not wearing make up, your spirit is able to swoar high up in the coastline and out to the sea. it's as if your soaring and free. words cannot describe a summer romance, nor, can they truly describe hawaii. i love hawaii and i've learned that she is my summer romance and one that i will never forget. my summer romance with hawaii live on forever. when they used the term, laid back for hawaii, that's an understatement. it's definately more laid back than california and people always think of cali as being casual, hawaii is free. aloha means something more than just a word or phrase it is a kindness and loving greating a word that when it reaches your soul you can also use it and mean it. i've learned the feeling of aloha in hawaii and it will never leave my soul.

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