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Love Stories of Hawaii


If I could turn back time
Dedicated to My soulmate, "Chris" xoxo

Submitted by Erin

The year was 1999 We got married on the Isle of Kauaii 12-4-99 at the Hyatt Regency. Just the 2 of us were there "That's how it felt" As we said our vows my heart was filled with a love I had never known before, as well as my husband's. We then experienced 10 romantic days together. On the 3rd day we went to Pollihalli and I almost lost my husband by the pull of the currant in the ocean as I stood on the sand and watched him take what I saw as his last breathe (He went under the water & I couldn't find him) everyone on the beach gasped as I screamed out HELP him please someone we just got married and he is my life . I can't swim in the ocean due to an accident I had as a child what seemed like forever passed by then all the sudden He washed up on the shore. He then told me he felt as though someone lifted him up & carried him to the shore, His mother had passed away and she had always wanted to see Hawaii he believed it to be her.Chris is my soulmate and my world I am not a complete person without him. All I thought about was if he doesn't make it back to me I will go to him and then we'll be together forever. Two months passed and I became very ill and then the years to follow would be 7 surgeries, Losing almost everything we had "financially" Eventually I had to sell my wedding ring .He carried me around when I couldn't walk fed me when I was too weak watched me get thinner & weaker as the life was being sucked out of me then finally This year when things seemed to be turning around for us (after 41/2 years of struggle ,pain,and heartache I had complications from a surgery and lost 2 liters of blood . Chris stood there watching me die as the Dr.'s tried to bring life back into my body. Thankfully I am still here, But what I really wanted to get through with this story is that god had intended us to be married on 12-04-99 because that was the last time I have been pain free and it is now 11-13-04 .The most important part of this story too is that my husband lost his father 1 week after we returned from Kauaii he passed on holding my hand and asking "are you Mrs. Amici?" I replied yes he smiled a angelic smile and went to sleep . Albert Amici(my father i n law) held on to his life just long enough to know that his son would be happy with the start of Our life together. Kauaii will always be a memory of such heartfelt importance because of all the things that went on around that period in our lives. We have wanted to return to our place so badly since our blessed day but because of the hundred's of thousands of dollar's that we've spent on medical/surgical procedure's we are unable to. Thank you God for the memory of Hawaii-Kauaii December, 4th 2004 . Im loving memory of Albert & Gaye Amici."Gaye for saving my husband from the ocean of pollihalli and Albert for leaving us with a smile and returning to his beloved wife Iin Heaven where she has ben waiting for him. Our Love goes to you Love, Erin, Chris, Donna, Marsha, and Jeffrie Amici 11-13-2004

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