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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

PRIMO Warriers and dreams come true
Dedicated to to my husband Marty

Submitted by Kathie

The year was 1971...We were in Kauai for a belated honeymoon. We were married in February 1970, and this was the trip we originally had planned together, before our plans were interrupted by my unexpected pregnancy and subsequent birth of our beautiful baby boy. Grandma and grandpa were watching him for us in California. We decided to camp (we were young) ha ha on the west side at Polihale. We brought a one burner camp stove, an ice chest, and a tent with sleeping bags, and rented a car to explore the island. We didn't even have a credit card to secure the rental, and had to pay a cash deposit to get the car. We picked up some groceries in Waimea, and fresh fruit at a local stand before driving the long, bumpy pot-hole filled dirt road thru a cane field at the end of the west side of the island. The long drive was well worth the beautiful stretch of white sandy beach that we finally reached. We had the entire remote campground to ourselves, and set up our tent on the water's edge with a table, firepit, and cold but fresh water showers outdoors near the bathrooms. We spent the first few days swimming, and sunbathing, exploring the remote beach and watching the incredible sunsets in each others arms every evening. We bbq'd fish and yams and even pineapple slices on the little fire pit. We didn't see a living thing except an occasional bird, mosquitoes, and a stray cat hiding in the bathroom late one night. (I'm not sure who was more scared, the cat, me or Marty when he heard me scream) ha ha We had been forewarned about "PRIMO WARRIORS". Young Hawaiians that liked to come down to the beach and drink PRIMO beer and harass and pick fights with Haoles. (especially mainlanders)One night about dusk, we heard the rumbling and rattling of a truck headed our way. When we could finally see it, the driver's side was listing very low to the ground due to the enormous size of the shirtless Hawaiian driving alone in the truck. Our young lives flashed before us as we imagined all kinds of horrible scenarios...He exited the truck and went around the back to get something out...By then my teeth were chattering and it was warm and balmy outside...He walked up to our campfire and plopped down an entire case of cold PRIMO beer, and asked us what was for dinner? ha ha We shared our dinner with him, he shared his beer with us, (and even left some behind). But best of all he shared songs, and stories about life on Kauai. We were enthralled, if not a little drunk, with how beautiful it all sounded. Before he left he told us to go and see Waimea Canyon (Hawaii's little grand canyon) and be sure and stop at a little sandwich/fruit stand/shop at the bottom of the hill. He said they made their own bread, and the most delicious macadamia nut cookies you ever tasted. We bid him farewell and many thanks. So much for PRIMO warriors. ha ha The next day we drove to the little stand and actually felt a sugar rush from the delicious warm macadamia cookies we bought and immediately ate. We had eaten nothing but fish, veggies, and fruit for days, and the sugar went right to our heads. I baked homemade cookies and bread for a Health food store in California and asked for her yummy recipe. The owner said it was a family secret that came with the shop and told us the place was for sale,including the shop, a small house, and all on a banana plantation for $30,000.00!!! That might as well have been 30 million to us at the time. But, we talked about the what ifs, how tos, and could we all the way up the windey road to the Canyon. We explored the other side of the island, and even found a resonable motel to stay in for our last few nights. We definitely had the Hawaiian bug, and over the years often wondered what would have happened if we had been able to buy that little piece of paradise. We went to Maui a few years later, and still felt we liked Kauai better. We eventually bought a house, and a business and raised 3 boys in Santa Barbara County! Surprisingly 2 of our sons and their wives and 4 grandkids, now live on Kauai, and last March we went to meet our newest grandaughter and drove out to Polihale beach. The campground looked much different from the effects of Hurricane Iniki, but the stretch of sand is still breathtakingly beautiful. We looked for the little sandwich/fruit stand but couldn't find anything remotely like it. We also looked at houses, and found the prices comparable to Santa Barbara! We just sold our business in California, and are in the process of selling our house. We are looking for a B and B on Kauai, and/or another type of small business. Our dream has come full circle. We plan on celebrating our 35th anniversary there on February 10th 2005, and watching the sunset in each others arms from our own place in Paradise!

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