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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

We have a house, will you marry me
Dedicated to Andy Gore

Submitted by Deb

My best friend placed a personal ad in the paper without knowledge. We were sitting around the table dicussing our futures, My friends and I asked each other, "If you were to place an ad what would you say?" I replied, "Looking for someone to share my life and love with forever and ever in discovering a new sunset each evening in Hawaii. I received many letters within the next 3 weeks. I discarded alot of them, one I did read, and answered, but because I didn't have a stamp so I put it up in my cabnit to send later. 2 months later I opened my cabnet, found the letter and decided to mail it. 1 week later I received a call from a softly spoken gentleman, and we had a rather long phone conversation. After meeting and then dating for a while, one day Andy asked me to marry him, I kept putting it off, I wanted to make sure we had a house and money saved for our future before we headed to the next step. On Christmas Day Andy said, "I bought you something, and I want the family to share this moment with us." I had no idea what he was talking about. We pulled up to this quaint house, with family and very close friends waitng our arrival. Andy and I walked to the door and he pulled out a key, I looked at him wondering what he was doing. After Andy unlocked the door, he said "Open it, your present awaits behind this door." I was excited and scared all at the same time. When i opened the door, my eyes looked around the room and I seen this massive heart of roses with a message inside, in big bold letters, "We have a house, now will you marry me?" I turned around to Andy with tears in my eyes, my family and closet friends were all cheering and very excited for me. I looked into Andy's eyes and said, "YES! I will marry you!" Andy replied, "In Hawaii."

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