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Love Stories of Hawaii


The Kauai Sky is Filled with Love
Dedicated to My wonderful and loving husband

Submitted by Anonymous

On September 10, 1997, we celebrated our wedding day in Wainiha, Kauai Hawaii at a little-known place called the Swan Lake Gardens. My husband, a quiet man of few words, had been very patient with me all morning as we got ready for our private ceremony. My last-minute jitters and swiftly cooling feet elicited a comment from him that made me cry (out of utter relief, that is). He said, "Don't worry about anyone else; the wedding coordinator, minister, photographer, or me. There's no pressure to get married today; we can postpone the ceremony until you're ready, and just enjoy the rest of our stay here." His kind and gentle words were all I needed to know for certain that KEN was my soulmate, and the man I was destined to be with for the rest of my life. During our ceremony later that day, I was confident in reciting my vows, saying them proudly with the BIGGEST smile on my face. When it was my husband-to-be's turn, he recited his vows slowly and carefully. He insisted on stating the phrase "until death do us part" (versus "as long as we both shall live"), and in doing so, shed a few tears of sheer joy and happiness, with the knowledge that today was the first day of our eternal commitment to each other. After the ceremony, two dozen white doves were released in honor of our union, filling the Hawaiian skies with our everlasting love... LMS

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