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Love Stories of Hawaii

Summer Romance

The summer of my life
Dedicated to Pierre

Submitted by Rachael

The summer of 1999....I started a job in the small community I am from...they hired 10 people and chances are I would have known all of them but to my suprise there was a new face...someone I had never met before...It was Pierre he was so shy and quiet at first but soon after he became the funniest man I had ever met...we became very good friends....we did everything together...soon I couldnt stop thinking about him then everytime I would see him my heart would skip a beat...5 months later we went on our first actual date... he showed up at my house dressed amazingly...the butterflies in my stomach started to rumble...he took my hand and held it all the way to his jeep and flashed me the sexiest smile ever....that smile does the same to me today as it did then...WOW... we went for a drive to a private beach where I camped all my life... no one was there ...we were all alone...we sat on the top of a rock cut leaning on eachother...we watched the beautiful sunset in pure was at that moment I knew this was the guy I was going to marry...I had a million butterflies in my knees were weak and my head was cloudy... the moment was perfect...the moment was we looked into eachothers eyes there was no one else in the world but us...what a night...Now 5 years later we are married and have 2 children...we still have butterflies but we get a little lost sometimes in our busy scheduals...We wish to be in Hawaii together sitting somewhere....alone.....leaning on eachother....watching the most beautiful sunset together and fall in love with eachother all over again and have the butterflies visit us again and again....
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For anyone who may be lost or hasnt felt the absolute rush of falling in love is not too late...Tell eachother you love eachother everyday and remember the special things that used to make your heart and his flutter in the beginning and give it all you have...because I will never forget the feeling of helplessly falling head over heels....full of tingles and butterflies that I still feel around my husband:)

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