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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

I am on my way...
Dedicated to Keeping the Faith

Submitted by Catalina

Many use the term, keeping the faith and we all know that can me many things. I for one, use it two ways, keeping my faith and promise to myself to go to Hawaii. I am now on my way to keeping my promise to myself to visit paradise. In Hawaii I plan to have a lot of dreams and aspirations finally shown to me. In keeping my faith and promises to my creator, in return, he has blessed me with fiances enough to finally visit Hawaii. Hawaii with it's many blessings will finally reveal them to me with her beautiful, climate, sunshine, palm trees, tropical breeses, fragrant flowers, blue oceans, ocean animals, volcano, tropical rainforest, waterfalls, sunsets, fruit and absorbant beauty. My dreams are coming true as I step on a jet to my paradise and I thank my creator for blessing me and Hawaii.

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