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Love Stories of Hawaii


Forever Love
Dedicated to Kasey Clark

Submitted by Anonymous

I met the love of my life in High School 10 years ago. We have been together for 9 of those 10 years now. Kasey is now 27 years old and I am 25, we long to get married but can not afford it. We are currently working on buying our own house which is taking all the money we have to accomplish. We often talk about marriage but neither one of us can see spending money on it when we are just as happy now as we would be with that piece of paper that would unite us. We are pressured from both sides of the family and all of our freinds all the time. Everyone says money shouldn't be an issue but ass we all know you can't have anything without it. Both Kasey and I know we want to be together forever and we are now starting to think about having children. I would LOVE to get married before that happens but I wouldn't hesitate to move on without it either. We are a couple in need of our own vacation together in Hawaii and would GREATLY appreciate it.

Jenni Bye

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