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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Bird's Eye View
Dedicated to Rob & Shirley Tyson

Submitted by Steffanie

Her cousin had warned her not to go in the helicopter. Thinking everything would be fine, Shirley did it anyway. She was in Hawaii with her husband, Rob, and cousin Rita. Rita and Rick had already left to go back to California, by my parents were staying a few extra days. Who could blame them? 50 minutes into an hour flight, Shirley began to get nervous. High winds were causing problems for the helicopter. Suddenly there was a crashing noise and the front window was shattered. My mom could see that the pilot was bleeding and he just sat there for what seemed like an eternity. She saw Rob straighted the pilot's headphones and the pilot finally moved. Thankfully, he kept control of the helicopter. It wasn't until they had finally landed safely that Shirley found out what had happened. A white seagull had flown into the the window of the helicopter. I guess this gives a new meaning to getting a bird's eye view.

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