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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

For My Caring and Loving Husband
Dedicated to My loving husband, Jim

Submitted by Anonymous

This is a story about my life with my husband, Jim. Our lives together started a little over 28 years ago although we had know each other in high school. Shortly out of nursing school, I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Jim could have turned on his heels and ran out on our relationship instead of trying to deal with this disease and all of the complications that I have experienced over the years (hip replacement, pulmonary emboli, kidney stones, weigh gain from the steroids and a variety of other problems). However, my loving husband has been with me in sickness and in health as we recited in our marriage vows to each other (I just don't think that he expected more of the "in sickness" than the "in health"). This is after caring for his mother who died when he was just out of high school, his father who died suddenly of a heart attack and his sister who was killed in a car accident. He now takes care of his brother, who is deaf. Jim's brother now lives with us as he would not have been able to support himself and have enough money remaining to manage a house. Once again, my husband continues to take on the challenges of caring for the people he loves. I would love to show Jim my eternal and undying love for him by being able to take him on a romantic trip to Hawaii to relax and enjoy himself. This is my greatest wish!

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