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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Parents, Children, Love
Dedicated to Mom

Submitted by Anonymous

Love reaches through generations, across marriages, between child and parent.

My grandparents had a difficult marriage. Forty years of unhappiness, compounded by the Depression, poverty, and an almost unbelievable amount of bad luck. For their fortieth anniversary my grandfather surprised my grandmother with a trip to Hawaii. Why he decided to take this trip, we still don't know to this day. But he must have known, just known, that it would transform their lives, and their marriage. Their remaining years together were happy. Their lives changed, irrevocably and for the better, because of their trip to Hawaii.

Grandpa suffered with cancer his last days. He took my mother aside, when he was near the end, and made her promise that she and her husband would go to Hawaii. It will change your lives, too, he assured her. But she and her husband never made it there. Maybe the marriage would have lasted if they had.

Now, I would like to take my mother to Hawaii. Her life might change for the better. Mine might, too. Mom is happy now. Life is good for her. She enjoys time with her children, her new son-in-law, and takes pleasure in long weekend drives in the mountains. What she has not yet enjoyed is the beauty and charm of Hawaii.

Grandpa thought Hawaii was only for anniversaries. I think it is for new beginnings, happy endings, and everything in between.

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