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Love Stories of Hawaii


Rainbow Of Love
Dedicated to Aimee Sirek Wife

Submitted by Shaun

My wife and I were married on Oahu Hawaii. We got married beachside on waikiki beach. The wedding was suspose to take place at 8 am. Our parents went along for the trip from Minnesota to Hawaii. At 8am I was nerviously waiting for the wedding. My wife and I decided to not see each other until the moment. The reverned was waiting for us to start. My parents were on the way into Waikiki from a 45 minute drive. Little did we know it was rush hour. The reverened said we need to start the wedding asap, because the people involved (the drummer, conch shell blower, dancer and tiki torch barer) had another appointment. My wife was pretty upset she said "we can't start the wedding without my parents-to be." So we waiting and finally my paerents made it. The wedding was almost an hour late. The ceremony was beutiful and we did get the extra people they all just left right away. After the ceremony as we were signing our licence it started to mist. After the mist stopped there was a huge rainbow on the ocean. My wife started to cry saying "this is the most perfect wedding the rainbow is beutiful."

Since we didn't have a lot of money we decided to have a friend video tape the wedding for us. Lucky for us we got to see it before we left the island to head for Kauai.

on the way home our plane was hit by the catering truck and the flight postponed. We had to sit in the airport overnight. There was still no flights availabe until the next day. So the airport put us in a hotel for the 2nd night. After we arrived home we wanted to show our sisters the Video of the wedding. We pushed play and couldn't find the ceremony on the video. We checked every video we made and found out somehow the ceremony was taped over. My wife cried for the next couple days. She really wanted that video.

I would like to win this trip for her, so we can go back, sit on the beach and wait for our rainbow to come.

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