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Love Stories of Hawaii


Perfect story book wedding
Dedicated to godess Hinakuluiau

Submitted by Aimee

My husband, Shaun, and I were married in Oahu on Waikiki beach (greys beach)on July 26th, 2004. We had a beautiful ceremony. We had a hula dancer, conch shell blower, drummer and Tiki torch barer. The wedding was so wonderful it was half in english and half in hawaiian. When we were announced husband and wife it started to sprinkle. It lasted about 5 minutes. Wasn't enough to get us very wet. We were signing the marriage licence when all of a sudden there was this huge rainbow over the ocean. It was the full rainbow over the water. That was the most beautiful and romantic thing ever. Especially on our wedding day. We felt very blessed. Thank you Hinakuluiau!

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