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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

"Black Sand Days"
Dedicated to Kakaline

Submitted by Alan

There's a special place we've been to before, where time seems to last a little bit more, but just never lasts long enough for me, it's an island in the Hawaiian sun, on your list I know it's number one, and it's called the "valley isle" of Maui,...Nearest and dearest to my heart, my memories are worth more to me than works of art, those trips are ones I'll never forget, remembering back to that special day, when you looked so lovely wearing that purple lei, those images I cherish most are of you watching the sunset! There's a black sand beach, that's still easy for us to reach, it's in a spot I'd call heaven on Earth, I'd spend my very last dime, to be there with you for all time, living in paradise with ku'u ipo-how much is that worth? I knew when I saw you smiling at me, Maui no ka oi indisputably, there isn't any other place I'll ever love more, it's just down the road from Hana, a sacred place filled with lots of aloha and mana, Waianapanapa State Park is where we're headed for!

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