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Love Stories of Hawaii


Ivan blows away "Hawaii" wedding
Dedicated to Bob

Submitted by Martha

Upon losing their spouses of many years, Bob and Martha, ages 69 & 68, met and fell in love. Bob proposed in January of 2004, and Martha immediately began planning September wedding. It would be on the beach at sunset, with a "Hawaii" theme. A dozen granddaughters and their little friends would dress in hula skirts and distribute leis to the guests. Grandsons would pass out the fish bottles of bubbles.

Hawaiian music was to be provided by a Steel drum and Electric guitar duet, and the processional would be "The Hawaiian Wedding Song", sung by Bob's son. Tiki torches would light the "aisle." The caterer was preparing a Polynesian feast, presented as artfully as a midnight buffet on an ocean cruisliner.

The date for the affair was September 25. On September 15, hurricane Ivan struck Gulf Shores, right where the wedding was to be. "Hawaii" was blown away.

Martha, being the ultimate optimist, said, "Okay, we'll just move the whole thing to Mobile. There are lots of nice hotels with big pools, and that will be a good substitute setting." On Monday, Martha heard "no rooms available for the weekend" sixteen times before she was convinced she wasn't getting married in Mobile, either. By this time, Martha was getting panicky, and called one of her daughters. That daughter said, "Mom, Chill out. You got us all married, we'll get you married!" She then called her four sisters, and the five of them got together on the phone, across four states, and talked and planned and shopped and talked some more. By the 25th, a whole new wedding had been planned at a Bed and Breakfast in Palmetto, Georgia. All Martha and Bob had to do was show up.

The "Hawaii" theme is not dead in the water, though. Martha and Bob are planning to have a big bash in the spring, on the beach, with hula girls, tiki torches, and beautiful Hawaiian "haute cuisine!"

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