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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Dedicated to My Parents

Submitted by Anonymous

My parent‘s honeymoon was a one night stay at a hotel in our home town. Our last family vacation was at least four years ago. It was a weekend trip to Chicago, Illinois (which is three hours from where we live). My parents work very hard and have helped put me through college while raising my little sister. My father is a roofer and a diabetic going through kidney failure for the second time. He works out of town and my parents only see each other on weekends. My mother, a CNA, takes on all the stress of our lives and carries us through everything. For as long as I can remember my father has had the dream of going to Hawaii. I have been trying to put together a special trip for my parents; but being a college student does not present many opportunities to send them on such a trip. I would love my parents to win this trip to Hawaii so they can have a second honeymoon in paradise. It would make my father's dream come true and be a great get away for my mother. I can picture them lying on the beach or laughing over dinner on a patio surrounded by palm trees. A second honeymoon in Hawaii would make my parents very happy. That is what they deserve.

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