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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

A Time For Us
Dedicated to Rodney Chancey

Submitted by Georgia

What is time? Special moments to search our minds. Laughing sharing the two of us. Deep in our hearts we found that trust. Just a second,even three can make all the difference to listen and be there for me. Time has flown by as we can see our children now grown. It's just you and me. They say these are special times, as you can see. Times looking back and looking forward together we'll be.I search your heart but your eyes they gleam. They long to see and to be in their beautiful land,they call Hawaii. I'll take you there,my love you'll see.We will share our moments together by the deep blue sea. Hand and hand we will trust and watch the sun fade into dusk. Time will soon slip away and nothing could ever take this time away. Our moments together just you and me in that magic land,beautiful Hawaii.
To my kuipo,love always Georgia

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