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Love Stories of Hawaii


The first time I saw you...
Dedicated to Jeanette

Submitted by Bryan

I met Jeanette in 1998 at the University of Delaware. She walked in and I knew I was in big trouble. Not only was she beautiful but as the greatest personality in the world. With her captivating smile and laugh, she can make any one laugh and always has the greatest out look on life. We finally started dating in January 2002 (not from my lack of trying earlier), and we bacame engaged on November 5, 2003. I proposed to her with a poem I had written and candles all around. The poem said: You bring me light when it is dark, we go for walks in the park. We go to dinner and have soem wine, we eat too much cuz its divine. We've climed a mountain and caught some fish, but right now I have just one wish. I promise I will love you my entire life, Jeanette Noelke will you be my wife? All she could get out was, "Are you serious?" She happily accepted after some tears. We will be married on June 18, 2005 and then off to honeymmon in Hawaii! Jeanette is my highest high and brings me out of my lowest lows.....she is my everything.

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