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Love Stories of Hawaii


It's11:11, what do you wish for?
Dedicated to The man I wished for, Kirk

Submitted by Anonymous

I was 5 when my mom won MTV's Hawaiian Holiday with Devo. She sent in post cards daily, telling everyone she met that she would win. She asked my father to come home early the evening the winner was to be announced to watch her win.

A dumpster bursting with post cards was rolled out. My mom began to cry as Martha Quinn popped out--she was sure that she saw one of her postcards fly by- taking with it the one chance she had to win her dream vacation. Martha holds up the winning postcard--a simple index card my mother had sent in on the very last day. My mother screams in shock, the phone rings with congratulations. Friends, family, even Billy Squire called the house to congratulate my mom.

I was too young to realize what a big event this was in my mother's life. What I do remember were the souvenirs she brought home-beautiful, bright dresses and flowers! Brilliant photograph books of the islands! I loved the clothing and leis. Rain, shine or snow, I could be seen wearing my dress, grass skirt and bra top (sometimes over sweat shirts in the winter), singing and dancing.

As I grew, I began pouring over the photographs my mother had taken and the souvenir books. The beautiful waterfalls, foliage, striking people in traditional clothes. They were all so beautiful, so perfect.

One day, about 11 years old, I came up to my mom in the kitchen and told her, "Mom, I don't want to get married unless I can go to Hawaii. I don't want anything else." She responded by telling me to hold onto that dream—it might be the only way that I'd get it!

That night and every night since then when my digital clock would glow in the dark the "Magical Minute" as I called it, 11:11, I'd make the same wish. "Please let me find someone who will love me forever so we can get married and go to Hawaii and be happy." I've never told anyone, it always seemed so silly! Also, I was always told that if you tell a wish, it doesn't come true!

In 2001 I was at a party with friends. I felt a presence in the room behind me, so I turned to see Kirk standing in the doorway, having just entered the room. I told my friend who was with me that I had just seen the man that I would marry.

Three years of dating later, my dream is coming true-this May we'll be saying our vows and I'll have my man to love forever. He knows how much this trip means to me, so he's trying to make it happen, but most likely we will not have enough money.

I still have the little dress my mother brought home with her. I'd love buy my own to share with my daughter, have my own photos for her to dream about.

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