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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Pele's Day
Dedicated to Rick

Submitted by Trisha

From the Kona coast on the west to Hilo on the east, my husband and I would find wonders in paradise together. We were on our most dreamt about vacation to the Hawaiian Islands. Mauna Lea means Long Mountain and Mauna Kea, White Mountain. All are on the Big Island of Hawaii, Kilauea is the volcano on the side of Mauna Lea spewing lava and creating more of the Big Island. The day was dedicated to Pele, the volcano Goddess, on our way to Pele's current home at Kilauea; we visited the falls and rainforest. Once at the volcano national park near Hilo, we viewed the craters and lava tubes and we both really liked the ranger guide, he was full of neat information and he looks like he could be Tim Robbins's son, exactly. Rick and I were talking and holding hands again.

Wow, a full day; we went to eat a bite in the cafe up on the mountain before exploring the big craters everyone was taking about, as I turned around; there it was a massive breath taking crater right in back of us viewing it through the large cafe window. We both looked at each other and gasped and giggled like kids. I was enjoying this and enjoying my husband.

As we drove down the volcanic mountain we stopped to look at more craters which still had steam venting about them, Rick would hold my hand and guide me, it was wonderful to be that close to nature and to my husband, to see the wonders of Hawaii and to feel the caring for each other at the same time. Trays of food and beverages lay on the rims of the craters, some old, some new. These are offerings left by people to Pele, really extraordinary.

Continuing down the mountain passing dated lava flows we reached the road paralleling the sea, closer to the lava pouring into the purple ocean. We parked around 4:30 PM, picked up water and flashlights near the ranger station, then started our trek, the first half mile is paved road, then the hardened lava began, we did the lava walk, traversing mounds passing partially buried traffic signs, an hour past, couldn't see past the line of people marching towards our mutual destination, I was past beat, I signaled to go ahead, "I'll wait for you here". He came back with hands stretched out. "I'll help you, take your time, and drink some water"; "I want to be with you to see this".

Rested, I grasped his hand and smiled, I knew we would make it together, then and always; 20 minutes later bingo, yes... yes... yes... it's worth it. As the ranger put it, "You just witnessed mother earth giving birth". We did it together, hand in hand and we'd gladly do it again. Retuning from the walk, somehow easier, we could see the Milky Way in the sky above, more than the volcanos sparked that night.

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