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Love Stories of Hawaii

Special Occasion

Once more for us
Dedicated to Richard

Submitted by Anonymous

What more can I ask after recently going to a haven of beauty with my husband, daughter, and son. Last year our plans were postponed due to my son's serious illness. We go on vacations here and there, this year we made it, and a few months ago we finally traveled to a unique place we had hoped to get to for the past 22 years. I can not stop thinking about the skies of Maui, the volcano and soul shaking wonders of The Big Island, and the brisk beauty of Oahu. I think the people whom live on the Hawaiian Islands must have done something special, they are so fortunate to live in the most wonderfully beautiful place on this earth.

One thing is missing now because after 22 years of marriage, we need to go by ourselves. It is the second marriage for both of us. Through the years there has been much turmoil, tuff times between his and her families. It is extremely hard on the emotions to have in-laws that never acknowledge you exist. No harsh words have to be spoken, ignorance is harsh enough. Going away by our self and renewing our vows in Hawaii would add a needed specialty in our relationship

We have always been able to see something special in each other, the caring, and the silly idiosyncrasies we both see and accept. I have never loved a man as I do my husband, I could go on without him, but I choose to spend all my life with him.

We must go back some day, but I would love it to be with just my husband and I, we can touch some of the places in our hearts again in our most favorite place in the world, The Hawaiian Islands.

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